Hello everyone…

Thank for stopping by and taking out your precious time to know a little about me. Before I proceed,

“Anything Cooked With Love and Affection Oozes Out Dollops Of Taste And Deliciousness”

This is not just an idiom but reality too. Along with this reality, it is also true that you need a clear cut recipe to proceed. This blog of mine is a humble effort from my side to deliver my tried and tested recipes to your kitchen. Follow the recipe, just add a ‘tadka’ (tempering) of your love and I promise you will have a sumptuous dish in front of you.

My Reiki practice too strengthens the belief that both Reiki and cooking, share and instill in us the values of self-belief, patience, and positivity and both connect to the heart.

Now, let me introduce you myself and tell you a little about me.

I am Samira, the author of this blog. I am a homemaker and a mother of two foodie boys. My favourite hobby is to learn and explore. Besides cooking, Ceramic painting, Glass painting, Flower making, Candle Making, Ikebana have been some of my other areas of interest.

But as far as cooking is concerned, I am passionate about it and just love to experiment anything and everything that is vegetarian and eggless.

Being in a joint family, I was not very much into cooking. My adventures with food started only after my marriage owing to an overly supportive and foodie family. It was during that time I realized my love for learning and sharing the joy of cooking, which eventually manifested through endeavors such as Choco Xpress (homemade chocolate business) and cooking classes held for equally enthusiastic learners.

I experimented with various cuisines and soon I was popular in my family and friends as someone who would surely serve at least one or two innovative dishes when invited. Seeing my interest, my friend Reena Gupta persuaded me to do it professionally and this persuasion led me start blogging.

Why blogging only? The idea of this blog stems out of my feeling of Gratitude towards all my mentors who helped and guided me in my spectacular journey of cooking from simple daily meals to sumptuous cakes n bakes n much more. Wherever possible, I have shared their names too in their respective recipe post. Also, my passion for cooking was fueled by recipes in various magazines and on websites at a later stage. So, a lot many thanks to Google and Youtube as well.

Through this blog, I want to share the treasures of my journey with home cooks like me. Hope you adorn my treasures to the extent of trying out in your kitchen for your loved ones.

Why the title, ‘Samira’s Recipe Diary’? This is because this blog is an extension of my diary of recipes only. My recipe diary has now got a copy in the form of Digital Diary.

Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to my husband and two loving boys not only for their support and encouragement but also for their never-ending desire to have something new and different. Their demands keep me on a roll throughout.

So, do try out these recipes and share your valuable feedback. Whenever possible, I share your feedback along with your name and recipe pic in that respective post. This is my way of saying THANK YOU to you. In case, you do not get desired results then also share it with me. There can be umpteen reasons for that and we will look into it mutually. Your likes, suggestions, comments with respect to recipes, articles as well the blog, all are welcome, in fact, needed at every step.

Your one feedback is enough to brighten my day so be generous with your comments.

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Happy Cooking… Happy Baking… Happy Sharing…

Stay Fit… Stay Healthy… Most importantly, Stay Happy…

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