How To Store fresh Green Coriander? is a question often exchanged among homemakers. Today, I am sharing with you a foolproof method to store green coriander using which you can store green coriander up to a month.

The green coriander stored like this is excellent for making dip (chutney) or for garnishing as well. And the best thing is that it doesn’t require your attention in between.

I am very happy with this method of storing fresh green coriander and thus thought of sharing it with you. I have stored it maximum up to a month. Till then it remains perfect.

How To Store Fresh Green Coriander

How To Store Fresh Green Coriander

Green Chutney Made With Frozen Green Coriander

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Why Store Green Coriander?

I don’t have to tell you what green coriander is to Indian food! Dal, veggies, chaat etc garnished with green coriander not only add taste but are a treat to the eyes as well. Similarly, most of our snacks are incomplete without green chutney made with this humble green coriander only.

This green coriander adds dollops of freshness to whatever it is added and is thus a necessity. But the only problem is that this green herb wilts very quickly, especially in summer. There are ways to store it in the refrigerator but this method, the one I am sharing here, outwins all other methods.

How did I Start Using This Method?

It’s a very different method which I started with spinach. First of all, let me tell you that I am a freezer freak. I love putting raw veggies, of course after chopping, in the freezer as it saves my time in the busy hours be it morning or evening. Anyway, but never thought of freezing greens.

During those days, my son, Siddharth, was on a health mission by having green smoothies at least once a day. Now, green smoothie requires very little spinach along with other greens. As spinach comes in bundles only therefore once thought of giving it a try by freezing it. That was just an experiment. But I was overjoyed with the results. The spinach remained green only and the smoothie made with it was good too.

Having gained success with spinach experiment, next of course was green coriander. And made my life so easy.

Brownie Points Of My Method To Store Fresh Green Coriander

  • A straight forward method, without any efforts.
  • Remains good up to a month.
  • Make fresh green chutney whenever required. Green Chutney made with this stored coriander comes out too good.
  • No need to chop coriander finely.
  • No need to dry the coriander after cleaning and washing.
  • Ready to use. Just take out and use it directly.
  • Even the stalks are used effectively

How To Retain Bright Green Colour Of Green Chutney?

Fresh Green chutney tastes The Best! Nothing to beat it. How many of you agree with me? There are ways to keep it bright green in the refrigerator but whatever method you may follow, it may remain green but the taste is not the same after a day or two.

Now, my question is why store chutney when you can store fresh green coriander only? Store it and then make green chutney whenever you wish to. Isn’t this a cool idea?

How To Store Fresh Green Coriander

Tip: However, one other effective way to preserve the vibrant colour of green chutney is to freeze it. Just take out and thaw and use it.

Storing Green Chutney In Freezer

How To Store Fresh Green Coriander?

Now you must be getting impatient to know the details of this method. So, this easy and simple method is to store chopped coriander in ziplock bags in the freezer.

For this, clean and wash the green coriander. Rinsing it multiple times in freshwater. Chop it along with the stalks, roughly, you don’t have to do it very finely. Just keep it in a colander for about 15 minutes so that excess water drips off.  After this, pack this cleaned, washed, rinsed and chopped green coriander in ziplock bags and put it in the freezer.

Once frozen, the leaves will get crisp. You can store it easily up to a month.

How To Use Frozen Green Coriander?

When required, take it out of the freezer, just rub the crisp leaves with your fingers directly over the curries/veggies and your well-garnished food is ready to be served. No need to wash as it is already washed. Do not try to thaw it.

Tip: Never thaw frozen veggies (except peas). Just take out of the freezer and put directly to use, pressure cooker or kadhai or garnishing.

Similarly, for making green chutney, put the frozen green coriander along with spices in the blender and blend to a smooth chutney.

Take care that after taking out the required quantity of the frozen green coriander from the ziplock bag, immediately return the ziplock to the freezer. Do not let it remain on the kitchen counter as it thaws quickly.

Tips To Use Frozen Green Coriander

  1. Do not have to dry the rinsed fresh coriander completely before freezing.
  2. Do not thaw the frozen green coriander.
  3. Put the frozen green coriander directly in the blender for making chutney or crush it for garnishing directly over the food items.
  4. After a day or so, as it freezes, it should get firm and hard. If not, then you need to check the settings of your freezer.
  5. Follow this method only if your freezer is working efficiently.
  6. Do not follow this method if you have the problem of power failure in your area.

Detailed Method To Store Green Coriander With Pics

  • Clean and wash coriander by changing water several times until all the dirt goes away.
  • Chop it along with the stalks. You do not have to chop it finely as it will go into the freezer.
  • Keep it in a colander for half an hour so that all the extra water drips away. You do not have to dry it. Just excess water shouldn’t be there.

Store Fresh Coriander

  • Transfer this coriander in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer.

Storing Fresh Green Coriander In Freezer


  • It looks like this when out of the freezer.
    Frozen Green Coriander


  • For making chutney, put this as it is in the blender, add spices and blend till smooth.

Green Chutney with Frozen Coriander


  • When keeping it in the refrigerator for a day or two then always keep it in a glass bottle.

Store Green Chutney


  • For garnishing, just crush between your fingers directly over the curry/veggie/chat. And when you crush it, it doesn’t matter whether these were chopped finely or roughly. You have to crush it immediately after taking out of the refrigerator. If kept for a while, it will get soft and you won’t be able to crush it.

I hope you have liked this method of storing fresh green coriander and will definitely give it a try. Do let me know in the comments section below.


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