Healthy French Fries in Air fryer

If you were avoiding French fries because they were deep fried and are full of calories then this post is for you. If you were avoiding French fries as it involved a very lengthy process of soaking, frying and refrying then this post is for you.

French Fries… You name it and everybody wants to have it. Right from kiddos to elderlies everyone loves these potato fries. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like french fries. It is one dish where you can’t stop having little. Once you start having it you want more n more. But still, you force yourself to restrict eating it. Reason? of course oil. Though an all time favourite but it is true that it tops the list of junk food. Once fried they absorb a lot of oil and are thus unhealthy. Definitely, you don’t want to eat this calorie-rich food and thus you give up eating it.

Apart from the fact that the French fries are fried, I don’t like to make these as making fries is a lengthy process by soaking the cut potatoes in salted water to remove starch otherwise they would get soggy. Then, they need to be dusted with corn flour so that get crispy. It really used to be a hell of a job.

Potatoes offer a variety of vitamins and minerals and are in fact good for us. They are rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Iron and potassium. But the problem occurs when they jump into the oil and become French fries. This frying shoots up not only calories but also increases its fat and sodium content. What about if we can do away with this deep frying part without compromising on the taste and crispiness? Air fryer does exactly that. So, if you were avoiding French fries just because they are fried then go ahead and take your share. You can read more about the benefits of potatoes here.

But with Airfryer things have changed totally. It is so easy now to make French fries. Just peel-cut-toss-air fry. Yes, only these 4 steps and you have a bowl full of crispy fries which do not get soft or soggy even after a while.  French fries in air fryer means:

  • No Soaking in salted water
  • No Dusting in corn flour
  • No oil
  • Not unhealthy
  • Not soggy

Also, the texture of air fried french fries is very similar to that of fried ones. They are not dried out likes the ones which are made in Otg. They look very much like the deep fried French fries only.

You can season your french fries as per your liking. Though we prefer the simple salted ones but you can flavour these with herbs like rosemary, thyme etc or garlic powder or fenugreek leaves etc.

Whether to soak cut potatoes or not?

Soaking is not necessary. After reading here that we can straight away air fry the potatoes after chopping, I gave it a try and the results were pretty good. In fact, I have tried both the methods and the difference is negligible. So, if you want to chop potatoes in advance, for whatever reason, then soak them in salted water otherwise put them in air fryer straight away after chopping. If you soak the cut potatoes in water then lightly pat them in a dry towel and then air fry. However, this is true only when you air fry your french fries. If you plan to deep fry then soaking is a must.

So, now lets see the method of making French fries in the air fryer in detail. I have kept the method very simple here with the seasoning of just salt and pepper. You can add various herbs or flavourings as per your choice.


Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

Air frying Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 4


4  Pc  (250 g) Medium Sized Potatoes

1/2 Teaspoon Olive Oil

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


  1. Wash potatoes, pat dry. Peel them and cut into sticks. I used my french fries cutter. In case you do not have this cutter then first cut thick slices and then cut the slices into sticks. Try to keep the sticks of more or less same thickness as this aids in even browning of the sticks. If you are making these in large quantity then keep the cut sticks in a bowl of water to avoid discolouration of potatoes.
  2. Drain the water,  or simply put the potatoes in a strainer for 5 minutes.
  3. Preheat air fryer for 5 minutes at the highest degree given in your air fryer.
  4. Take all the sticks in a bowl. Drizzle oil, salt and pepper. If you wish to add onion/garlic powder or other herbs then do it now only.
  5. Toss it nicely.
  6. Put these potato sticks in the basket of the air fryer. Run it for 2o minutes. In between, take out the basket and shake the fries for even browning. Do this 2 or 3 times.
  7. If you want more crisp fries then run the air fryer for some more time.
  8. Serve your golden crispy french fries with lots of smiles and love, tomato ketchup optional.


  1. You can use any oil, not necessary to use olive oil only.
  2. Add herbs like thyme, rosemary, parsley etc.


Potato Wedges: Cut the potatoes in the shape of wedges and season with herbs.

So now you can have french fries without carrying any guilt. But of course, as they say, excess of anything is bad and is true for these also. Have your healthy french fries but in control.

And I repeat, the method given here is apt only for air fryer. Do not follow this if you plan to deep fry your potato sticks.

Very simple method… Check here…

Take potatoes sticks in a bowl. Drizzle oil and salt.TossFrench Fries

Put these in air fryer basket.



French Fries

Toss after 5 minutes. Repeat tossing once or twice more.

French Fries

when done as per your liking then take out. Serve with love, tomato ketchup optional.

French Fries

So, how do you like this?

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