Healthy Roti Crumbs…From Leftover Rotis

Roti Crumbs…Healthy crumbs

No matter how much perfect we try to be, but still some times we are left with one or two chapatis.

Everyone prefers fresh chapatis and no one wants to eat these leftover ones.

Now, what to do?

Of course, we can use them for making

Roti Noodles, but if it’s just 1 or 2 chapatis, then you can’t even make that.


Simple, make Roti crumbs and replace bread crumbs in your kitchen with these Healthy Roti crumbs..

Also, when your Little one doesn’t want to eat chapati then take it easy.

No worries…at all.

Give him/her chapatis in some other form.

Yes, just grind the chapatis in the grinder,  add veggies, and make kabab or cutlet.

Your child will happily eat it and you too will be happy then.

Also, use fresh or leftover roti (chapati) for making roti crumbs and use it the way you use bread crumbs.

These roti crumbs tastes too good.

Once, while eating cutlets made with these roti crumbs, I tried hard to see if there is any difference in the taste. But nowhere I could feel it.

Make Alloo tikkis, cutlets, kababs…. for binding use these crumbs.

How to make Roti Crumbs?

For making Roti Crumbs, tear roti and grind it in grinder. Fresh as well as leftover, grinds very well.

Roti Crumbs

Roti Crumbs

That’s it. Now use it or store it in an air tight container in refrigerator/ freezer.

Make cutlets with it.

In your usual mix of potatoes, veggies and spices add these roti crumbs.

Roti CrumbsAnd make perfect cutlets… healthy too…

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