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Summer holidays provide good plentiful time to kids and mothers to spend quality time together. Involving your children in the kitchen is a big step to getting them to appreciate the value of a family meal.

Though involving children with cooking requires you to come with loads of patience, time and extra clean ups, but according to many experts it is well worth it in the long run.

Cooking with kids can help them get exposed to trying healthy foods which in the normal course they may not get exposed to or may turn their noses up at.

It is about reducing the number of meals eaten outside the home, inculcating patience, discipline and also involving children in meal planning, shopping and food preparation.

You can  involve them in making breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time. The idea is to make it interesting and learning experience for them.

When I was a kid, times were entirely different. Also as mine was a joint family,with my mother, grandmother, aunts working in the kitchen there was little scope of entering that area. When entered teenage, then learnt basic cooking like kneading dough or making chapatis or sandwiches or making simple Dal and vegetables. It was post marriage that slowly I got more responsibilities in the kitchen and fine tuned the art under the guidance of my mother in law.

And then came the period when my children, both sons, were small. Again a joint family so not much for them to do.

But my elder son, Shivang was very enthusiastic in learning kitchen basics.

He started making tea as well kneaded flour when he was in 4th standard only and baked a cake independently when in 9th standard. I remember, how much I used to relish hot crisp dosas made by him only for me after all had eaten.

But all children are different, their interests are different and so is their willingness to learn. Seeing and judging your child’s age and aptitude, gently introduce him/her to the art of cooking. How and when to introduce your children to cooking is something you can decide best.

Some of the key benefits of cooking with kids are:-

  • It enable children to get exposed to healthy foods.
  • Children carry a feeling of accomplishment and  contributing to the family matters. They are more likely to participate in a family meal when they have helped prepare it.
  • They would land up spending quality time with their parents rather than spending time in front of the TV or computer.
  • Learning to cook is a life skill your children can use for the rest of their lives.
  • Positive cooking experiences can help build self-confidence.

Here, I am sharing some basic “No Fire” recipes for your little ones. Some recipes and tasks are very simple whereas some may require your assistance or supervision based on their age group and temperament eg. kneading dough, measuring ingredients, buying and choosing good quality vegetables, operating oven or chopping veggies, setting up a table or cleaning up the mess post cooking.

Whatever it may be, but please don’t leave them alone. Your supervision, not interference, is a must.

Remember, more than any recipe, your guidance and encouragement is ultimately what is going  to help them. And it is not necessary that they succeed in the first attempt but be patient. Believe me, you would love to treasure the shared moments of joy and happiness once they succeed.

Please, now handover this page to our sweet cute mini Chefs for some magic….


Hellooooo Mini Chefs….

Ready to explore? I have got some easy, simple recipes for you all to try out. Take my recipe and your Mom’s help and guidance and initiate into the exotic world of cooking….These holidays,make your Mom happy  by serving her something special. One important thing dear, before trying out any recipe, read it carefully and assemble all the ingredients beforehand.  Ready… O… just one minute… Do make me also happy by sharing your feedback…Send me pics of your lovely preparations.  I would love to see them. And yes, don’t forget to clean the kitchen counter.

So, wear your apron and let’s Get-Set-Go….

Little Wonders / Biscuit Magic

Come on, dearies! Take some biscuits, plain/chocolate/any other and modify them  into these delectable Little wonders in just 10 minutes. See Recipe here.

little wonders

Petha Coconut Laddoos 

You are going to love these… making as well eating these. Also, will be able to impress your grannies, guests, everyone with your cooking skills. I bet you make them once then on will be regularly making these for Holi, Diwali, National Holidays and so on. Just ask mommy to arrange the ingredients for you and then you are on a roll. And don’t worry, no artificial colours are used in these. See the complete recipe here.

 Coleslaw Sandwiches

Hey you smartie, make your own sandwiches. Do some preparations tonight. Ok… Keep Curd in a colander and place it in your refrigerator. Your hung curd will be ready in the morning. Also, hand over the whey (liquid drained from curd) to mommy as it is really useful. Now, ask Mommy to chop veggies or wait, use your food processor, and do it yourself. Now, see the recipe in detail here…


Coleslaw SandwichesColeslaw Sandwiches

Brain Booster / Yogurt Muesli

Start your morning with this easy-yummy-healthy breakfast. This is sure to boost your IQ levels. Use your creativity to make a new combination every day. Also, give your dear Mommy a sweet surprise and today you serve her breakfast. For the recipe, click here…

Brain Booster / Yogurt Museli

yogurt museli

 Frozen Fruity Pizza

Smarties, let’s have pizza today. But sweet fruity pizza. You will only make the base, the sauce, the toppings …everything. So, click here…
Frozen Fruity Pizza


  2 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Chocolate Cake!!! Totally irresistible. Right? So now make your chocolate cake yourself… any time of the day, in just 2 minutes…. 1 minutes preparation and 1 minute in the microwave. How? See here

2 minute chocolate mug cake

 Creamy Cheesy Yummy Canapes

Canapes with creamy cheesy dip and fruits on it are too yummy to resist. Dip gets ready in just 2 minutes. To make these, click here…

Creamy Cheesy Yummy Canapes

 Fruity Popsicles

Fruits on a stick with some juice…. Wow…Lick fruits and enjoy to the fullest. Make it yourself and enjoy at any time of the day… See here...


Fruity Popsicles

 Cheesy Nachos

Give a twist to your crispy Nachos… How? See here...

Cheesy Nachos

Yummy Sundaes

Icecreams and summers go hand in hand. What about having Ice cream along with some fruits or nuts or sauces. So give a beautiful makeover to your ice cream and create these awesome yummy sundaes...

Yummy Sundaes


                                          No Bake Energy Bar

What about making your energy bar? And that too as per your preferences and liking. Add more what you like more and just omit what you don’t like. What say? So, make some and carry these to your school after the summer break. Ready? So am with the recipe… Check it here…

energy bar.... super food


So, Children, enjoy Cooking also this holiday season!


Do not forget to share your creations with me here.

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Happy Holidaying…





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