Healthy Coleslaw Sandwiches

Coleslaw sandwiches, not only healthy but are very easy to make.

Coleslaw salad simply means cold cabbage salad. 

As per, The term coleslaw came from the Dutch term koolsla, meaning cabbage salad. The kool part is the Dutch word for cabbage and the sla part is a Dutch abbreviation of the word salade. In the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, Dutch settlers flooded into New York, so much so that the city was originally called New Amsterdam. They brought with them their recipe for chilled cabbage salad, which today is a mixture of the shredded vegetable with mayonnaise, salad dressing, sour cream or buttermilk with vinegar, sugar and other seasonings added.

Thus coleslaw in simple terms means cold raw cabbage, carrot and onion cut into thin long strips and covered in a thick cold sauce.

Coleslaw is a healthy snack to munch on in the evening or have it in breakfast. 

It can even be packed in your child’s lunch box. Just wrap it in cling film and pack in his/ her lunch box.

Normally coleslaw is made in mayonnaise. 

However, there is also a healthy version to it  and that is hung curd.

Hung curd is magical. It is used in variety of recipes be it sweet or savoury. 

So keep hung curd ready in your refrigerator and you can make coleslaw salad/ sandwich, dahi kabab, cream cheese, mango yogurt, strawberry yogurt, Cheesy fruity canapes, sour cream etc etc etc.

Hung curd is a boon, especially in summers. To learn to make hung curd, click here.


4 Slices Brown Bread

2 Tbsp Hung Curd

2 Tbsp Cabbage, Grated

1 Tbsp Carrot, shredded

1 Tbsp Onion, Shredded

1 tsp Tomato ketchup

1 tsp Vinegar ( optional)

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


  1. Take hung curd in a bowl and smoothen it with a spoon, removing lumps if any.
  2. Mix shredded veggies, tomato ketchup, vinegar and seasoning in it. 
  3. Spread this mixture on a slice of brown bread. 
  4. Cover with another slice. 
  5. Now have it as it is or grill it in a sandwich maker.
  6. Serve with love, juice optional.



You can also chop the veggies in food processor.


1.Use Mayonnaise instead of hung curd.

 2.Monaco Magic

Instead of shredding and grating, chop these veggies very finely. Better done in food processor.

Now mix these chopped veggies with hung curd, tomato ketchup, vinegar and seasoning.

Spread this mix on Monaco biscuits or Graham Crackers.

Garnish with  a little drop of tomato ketchup / a sprig of mint / Mixed herbs / Chilli Flakes.



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