How to Preserve Strawberries for Summers

How to Preserve Strawberries for Summers

preserve strawberries for summers

Beautiful, delicious strawberries come and go very fast.

Strawberry shakes, smoothies, coulis, lemonade, cheesecakes are few things to die for. Simply heavenly delicious.

But before we fully enjoy these sumptuous treats, our dear strawberries say goodbye.

They just vanish from the market.

They can vanish from the market but not from our freezers.

Yes, we can preserve these to enjoy in summers also.

A few years back, when my husband went to London in the month of June, can you guess what did I ask him to get from there?

Yes, no big deals except these sweet little berries. Believe me, it was a real treat. We thoroughly enjoyed it in various forms.

That time I thought of preserving these for later use.

As a trial, I preserved some of these and it was a big hit.

Since then, I look forward to the strawberry season all the more.

I buy these in bulk and preserve them for later use.

Preserving Strawberries is pretty simple.

These can be preserved in two ways, puree form as well whole strawberries.

I prefer storing it in puree form.

Frozen whole strawberries, once thawed, become very loose and supple.

If you wish to decorate your cakes etc with frozen whole strawberries then first thaw them.  There is a lot of water content that bleeds when frozen berries come to room temperature.

A. Puree Form :

  1. First of all, hull these berries that is take out the green leafy portion. Wash these properly. Pat dry on a kitchen towel.
  2.  Put these in a blender, with or without sugar and puree it.
  3.  Fill this puree in ice trays and freeze.
  4.  Once frozen, take the cubes out of the ice tray and pack them in zip lock bags in the freezer.
  5.  Whenever required, just take out few cubes, put in the blender along with milk/water and use. No need to thaw before using.
  6.  These frozen strawberry cubes can be used for making, shakes, smoothies, lemonade, lollies, coulis(sauce) etc.

preserve strawberries for summers

preserve strawberries for summers

B. Whole Strawberries

  1. Lay whole/ halved strawberries on a plate, at a little distance from each other and freeze.
  2. Once frozen, take out and pack them in zip lock bag in the freezer. This is done to prevent these from sticking to each other.
  3. These can be used to decorate cakes, desserts etc.
  4. These can also be used to puree it and then use as desired.

preserve strawberries for summerspreserve strawberries for summers

Preserve Strawberries and make Strawberry lemonade,, Strawberry shake, Strawberry sauce, Strawberry yogurt…

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