Want to know what are the 10 Benefits of Air Fryer? What is Air Fryer? Is it Worth Buying? Then join me as I take you on a short and crisp tour as to how air fryer is useful and what all you can make in it. 

 This post is based on my own experience with my air fryer and all that I cook in it. It will tell you everything you need to know about Airfryer and along with that will also give you some easy tried and tested Airfryer recipes to help you get started with this wonder appliance, so take time to go through the post.

You will be amazed seeing all that you can do in your air fryer.

Garlic Bread

This is Domino Style, Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread Made In Air Fryer.

Air Fryer And Confusions Related To it?

  • Is Air fryer worth buying for vegetarian recipes?
  • Should I buy an air fryer?
  • Why add another gadget in my kitchen?
  • Is air fryer really useful? If yes, how is it useful? 
  • What all to cook in an air fryer?
  • I have microwave convection, then why go for an air fryer? Are all these questions bothering you?

If all these questions are bothering you then come with me to have an answer to all these questions.


Is Air Fryer Worth Buying for Vegetarian Recipes?

I am a vegetarian and cook only vegetarian food.

Ever since I have started using my Air fryer, believe me, usage of the oven, microwave convection as well of kadhai (wok) has taken a back seat. Though I use all these 4 appliances but Air fryer is used almost daily. 

Yes, daily, as it takes care not only of frying (air frying) but also of boiling, grilling, baking bread/cakes and reheating as well. You can say that my day is incomplete without using my air fryer at least once.

You can have a look at the vegetarian recipes as well ideas of what all you can cook in your airfryer.



My Initial Experiences With Air Fryer

The air fryer is my latest love for the past few months. Anything healthy or oil-free I plan to make,  an air fryer pops up in my mind. And then, I have to give it a try. Most of the time the end result is beautiful. I can’t recollect if it disappointed me anytime. 

But initially, it was not the case. I remember for the first six months my air fryer was used occasionally either for air frying frozen items (smileys, kebabs etc) or for air frying paneer (cottage cheese). Paneer gets a beautiful golden colour and is apt for adding it to Matar paneer vegetable or Pulao.

I even thought to the extent that it was a wasteful expenditure. And then one day while air frying veggies/nuts etc for Biryani, I also tried making Masala Peanuts in it. And wow!!! they came out to be so crisp and crunchy. After that, I tried air frying boiled potatoes for Aloo Chaat and again win-win. I was so happy with the results that then there was no stopping by.

Today, I air fry so many things. In fact, I use it more than my microwave oven and OTG. This is also because it is very simple to use. It gets preheated in just 3 to 4 minutes and then you are on the go.

Seeing my successful results, I thought of sharing these with you all. So, if your air fryer is also getting neglected or you have deferred buying it as a useless appliance then this post is for you. No no no… please… this is not any promotion post.

What is Air Fryer?

  •  In the most simple and short words, air fryer is nothing but countertop convection oven. Yes, very similar to our convection oven yet different in many ways.
  • Air fryer fries food by circulating hot air around the food. The air inside the air fryer is quickly heated up to 200 degrees C  by a powerful stainless steel element. A mechanical fan is there which circulates this hot air around the food at high speed, cooking the food, removing all the moisture and thus making it crispy.
  • Food is cooked much faster in the air fryer as compared to conventional ovens because the capacity of the air fryer is much smaller than the conventional ovens.


Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven

  • I repeat, the air fryer is very similar to our convection oven yet different in many ways. Like Microwave convection, air fryer too, works on the principle of air technology. Then how are they different?
  • Air fryer, being compact and smaller in size, uses rapid air technology. In this, hot air is circulated over the food with very high speed Also, air fryer reaches much higher temperatures as compared to convection oven which in turn shortens the cooking process, as a result, the food doesn’t dry out and thus the healthy nutrients are also preserved. Whereas slow cooking in the oven may result in loss of nutrients.
  • Unlike convection ovens, it is possible to do the oil-free cooking in the air fryer. Its maintenance is much easier than a convection oven. Saves on time as preheating as well cooking is done much faster than a convection oven.


10 Benefits of Air Fryer 

  1. Easy maintenance: Unlike Otg or Microwave, it is very easy to clean an air fryer. Food particles do not stick to the air fryer basket/ tray underneath and can be easily wiped with a cloth or washed easily.
  2. Compact: Requires less space on the kitchen counter. Slightly bigger than a toaster but much smaller than a microwave or an OTG.
  3. Fast Cooking: It gets preheated very quickly, in just 3 to 4 minutes. In some cases, you can even skip preheating. And thereafter, food is also cooked much faster as compared to Otg. Like for example, a cake is baked in 15 minutes as compared to 35 minutes in Otg. Similarly, my poha namkeen (beaten rice mixture) gets ready in exact 10 minutes including air frying peanuts and then tossing everything with spices.
  4. Texture: The texture of air fried dishes is very much similar to that of fried ones
  5. Hands-free: It gives me the freedom to do other things in the kitchen while the air fryer is doing its job. Unlike deep frying, I don’t have to be near the gas stove stirring or flipping the items in the wok.
  6. Healthier food: That goes without saying. The cooked food is less in calories. No or less oil is used and nutrients are preserved.
  7. No Radiation: Unlike microwave ovens, air fryers do not use or produce electromagnetic radiation to cook food. You can read in detail about the radiation here.
  8. Economical: As you are using much less oil or in fact no oil in many cases, you are saving a fortune which otherwise is spent in buying oil.
  9. Environment-Friendly: Reuse of leftover oil after deep frying is not recommended and that poses a problem of how to get rid of it. If using air fryer then no such issues are there.
  10. Multi-purpose: There is a misconception, maybe because of its name, that air fryer is used only as a substitute for deep frying. But actually, air fryer is versatile and along with frying, it lets you do cooking, roasting, grilling, baking and reheating also. Yes, Falafel, Popcorn, Cake, French fries, Sweet potatoes…. all are done beautifully in this magical appliance. Normally when we reheat leftover or store-bought patties etc they get soggy but if you do it in air fryer then their crispiness is maintained intact.


Cons of An Air Fryer 

  1. Small size: You can cook small portions only at a time. How I wish it was slightly bigger!!
  2. Wet Batters: You cannot use it for air frying food that is dipped in wet batters like bread pakora etc.

This is what I feel about an air fryer. Do share your views about it.

Uses of Air Fryer

Coming to the uses of air fryer,  I have shared different uses of air fryer along with some of my recipes with you all. These recipes are just to give you an idea of all that you can do in the air fryer. With this, you can start exploring what you can do in your air fryer.


So, these are some of the ways I use my air fryer. There are many other ways too but since I don’t have the pics I restricted myself from adding here. But soon I will be doing this. Will keep updating this post with my new trials in the air fryer. You too help me in this. Share what all you cook in your air fryer. It will be a nice exchange of ideas. Isn’t it?

Do share your feedback. As you know very well that it is your feedback posts which fuel my enthusiasm to post more good content.

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